I recently completed my course with Saima and can honestly say it was definitely the right choice. Saima is a dedicated and passionate make up artist who shares all her tips and tricks to her students. Her teaching approach has given me both the confidence and determination to succed as a make up artist & cannot wait to begin.

Kiran Phlora

Its been a pleasure to be at such a nice place where I have learnt a lot in such a short period. The availability of all essentials and cooperation of Saima makes it so easy to learn. I have no hesitation in saying that it is one of the best places of its kind. I would definately recommend to friends and family

Gul E Rana

Saima is a very good teacher, you're doing a great job, keep it up! Im so happy with the end result of my photoshoot Sumera Hamid! Amazing teamwork!


Learning with Saima Kiran was just Amazing! Saima's way of teaching was exceptianally good, her communication skills were 5*. Saima showed us ALL the products she uses herself and did not hold back on any information. Saima has given me so much confidence that I never know was in me. Ive learnt so much in the space of 5 days and her support is ongoing. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone!


I undertook an intensive hair and makeup course and I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I have made! I absolutely loved your work Saima and in particular, appreciated the Arabic and Asian bridal influence that was portrayed in your portfolio as well as traditional and sleek hair styles. Further, It was an unforgettable and fun experience to have Saima as a teacher, her genuine concern for all her students from right before the course begins and it doesn't just finish at the end of the course but continues to advise and give the best professional tips ever, including which products/brands to use, help with building my own hair and make up kit, opening up make up store discount cards and the list goes on... The course in itself was to a high standard as Saima provided me with all the latest big brands such as MAC, INGLOT, Urban Decay, a wide range of professional hair products, make up brushes and many more! It was very intense but Saima knows just how to take that pressure off you and boost your confidence if you get nervous or if you think you can't do it.. Well Saima makes sure you do..! Saima I Have to say hats off to your genuine and honest personality, as well as your down-to-earth manner, which further attracted me to carry out the course, and be certified by babtac as a Professional Make Up Artist..! Saima is a professional, mature and patient teacher, with extensive and wide ranging experience. I have learnt an array of skills, tricks and new techniques to enable me to become a professional make up artist. Saima offered me a lot of support and encouragement throughout the training, which filled me with a lot of confidence. I was extremely satisfied with the training and I felt that Saima was able to offer me the whole package and exactly what I was looking for. I went away from the course with a host of skills, a portfolio with my certificate, 2 pictures each of a fashion look and a bridal look using both professional models and I feel that the training and the whole experience was worth every penny! All the best with your academy Saima, and I will definitely recommend you to all friends and family as you host a perfect Make Up Academy as well as being a very artistic and creative in your own work..!!

Sairah Iqbal

I did the 5 day intense hair and makeup course as I came accross Saima whilst looking for a course and really liked her. Saima made the course ver informative and very enjoyable. I enjoyed every second of the course and met some lovely people. Saima is so helpful, supportive and I can call her any time, she always seems to have time for me. I would recommend her Academy to everyone!


Saima is such a lovely and friendly Tutor. She had such a friendly team and environment and Sumera made things so comfortable on our last day when the shoots took place. Most of us were so nervouse about this day. During the course Saima made sure we all became confident and overcome anything we feared. We had the opportunity to discover so many makeup brands and had plents of time to practice. I'm so happy I chose Saima's Academy to become a qualified MUA


Studying at Saima Kiran Makeup Academy was an excellent experience, from the team to the products, the models, the atmosphere, the photographer, everything was just 5*! Highly recommend!


I have always wanted to do a hair and make-up course but found it quite difficult to decide who to do it with. After doing a lot of research, I chose to go with Saima Kiran Make-Up Academy and it was the best choice ever! To begin with, it is BABTAC approved, which is amazing to have! It helped me to obtain a job as a Manager at Benefit Cosmetics. During the course, the quality of products used were amazing ranging from, Inglot, Mac, Benefit, Make-up Store, Krylon and many more. Saima did not hold back on any tips or tricks of the trade. She helped us all with discount cards, wholesale store memberships and even continued to help us after the course was over! The 5 days were very well organised and we received our certificates on the 5th day followed by the Portfolio not long after. Saima was very professional and ever so loving. The last day of the course was emotional as we had all become a little family and did not want the experience to end. Finally, Saima covered everything on the agenda for the 5 days, in addition she assisted us on all 1 to 1 questions with her full heart. I look forward to attending further courses with Saima and thank her so much for her continous support.


Becoming a MUA is something I have wanted to achieve for many years, however finding the time and the right course proved more difficult than I could have imagined. Out of the blue, I was blessed with some time on my hands and it became the perfect opportunity to carry out a Make-Up course as I had always wanted to. After a lengthy search I decided to do the course with Saima Kiran. We spent 5 days learning an ample amount of skills and techniques. From start to finish, Saima was supportive and confident in the work I was producing which in return gave me the confidence I required.The course inspired me to try new looks and has given me the opportunity to work on upcoming events with Saima, like Pakistan Fashion Week. I would recommend the course to those of you interestedin becoming professional, high quality MUA's


Training with Saima Kiran was one of the best things i've done, becoming a professional make up artist is something saima has now blessed me with. Saima kiran is my role model & my inspiration. During the course we all became a family like team to work with , the environment Saima had created for us was very comforting, no one felt intimidated of anything. We were all accredited by BABTAC, which was excellent it gave us the opportunity to be recognised. The five days of the course was immense, i really enjoyed it, there wasn't a single thing i could complain about , Saima was prepared and fully equipped. Everything was there for our use. Saima had a range of make up at the academy and over the days I recognised make up brands. Saima is very confident with her work and knows what she is doing and teaches the best , don't miss your opportunity ladies! Also saima was supportive throughout the course and after the course. She is an angel! Saima gave me the opportunity to try new things, I was given an opportunity to take part in events such as the Olympia and look forward to future fashion shows and exhibitions. I strongly recommend this course to you, it will change your life.

Marium Butt

Having a strong passion to become a make up artist I had been searching for the perfect academy to fulfil my dream. When I came across Saima Kirans academy I instantly knew this was the perfect academy to train with. I am so glad I chose to train with Saima Kiran to fulfil my dream. The 5 days flew by and the group I was taught with, were lovely. Saima herself was amazing in supporting us. Saima is an amazing women, so humble, I couldn't have chosen a better tutor and academy. The photographer, Sumera who created our portfolios for us was so calm and full of ideas and tip which was great. I would strongly recommend Saima Kirans academy to anyone who has a desire to become a make up artist!

Marium Rafiq

With Saima Kiran Academy I gained excellent skills which has best helped me to start my career as a MUA. Saima brings together her talent, creativity, personality, passion, years of experience and her vision to make this academy successful. Saima introduced us to different makeup and techniques which we applied on real models. Sumera, the photographer, really helped put our final looks tigether and made our Portfolio's look so prefessional and amazing. Thanks you so much.

Nazia Anjum